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About the deck:

Astrologer Raven Zingaro & artist and spiritual counsellor Yvette Endrijautzki have been working on this 78 card tarot deck for nearly a decade.

Finally in July 2020 the deck came to completion and made its first self published limited edition.

The cards measure 5 x 3.4 inch, are plastified/ matt and come with a shiny standard packet.


This deck harbours a variety of philosophies, spiritual perceptions and connotations like shamanism, plant medicine, astrology and planetary correspondence, numerology, geomancy just to name a few.


The deck does not come with a booklet but a full in-depth  book is in the making, so please stay tuned!


We should have a free online booklet on our website soon ( in the making)



the Farrago Team



If you are interested in our deck

and you are located in the USA

then please order the deck from here:



Farrago Spirit Tarot (please read detail below)

39,00 €Preis